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Saturday, February 8, 2014


I was distracted from my goal of finishing the outside back of Along the River James.  The mailman and the UPS man brought me things.  I was so surprised to get my order from The Scarlet Letter.  I only ordered on Tuesday and it came on Friday.  Wow, with all the weather problems around here, I expected it to take longer.  But of course I was delighted to see it.  I had never ordered from The Scarlet Letter before so I was not familiar with their charts.

One of the reasons I ordered this chart (besides the nice colors), AW 1662, was that those are my initials too.   I ordered the silk for the sampler as well.

 I didn't know what brand of silk it would be.  So I was very happy to see that it was Soie d'alger.  I didn't know it would have linen in it too - an added bonus.  Then I really like the quality of the chart.

 Very readable.  Nicely done.  I think The Drawn Thread has the very best charts.   The Scarlet Letter ranks right up there with them in my opinion.
So I had to just try a stitch or two.  The original sampler is stitched in Montenegrin stitch.  No way was I going to do that.  It is cross stitch all the way.  I wanted to see how the linen was to stitch on.  Very nice.

 I wish I could concentrate on this chart but I have just too many things I must work on.
I have an "A" that I especially like to use as my initial so I put that in the outside back of Along the River James.  I'm making good progress.

We are expecting more snow this afternoon.  Only 1 to 3 inches, thankfully.


  1. Well written charts make such a difference don't they? Do you have books of alphabets or how do you choose what to use? I always come to grief in choosing lettering and numerals.

  2. I just finished AW 1662 last week. You can see it on my blog, For Love of the Needle, It was a fun stitch and I stitched it predominately in cross stitch too. Laura