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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

I Need Silver

I finished the two skinny towers of Hampton Court.  I think they turned out fine.

Then I started the next part.  I'm not sure yet whether this is going to turn out as I haven't done this before.  First you stitch down a piece of needlepoint canvas.  Check.  Then you do a rococo stitch (three legs instead of four) over the canvas in every other space.  I'm waiting to see if it is going to look like the photo.  I really like the effect in the photo as it looks like a stone wall.  It seems like I've made a lot of progress on Hampton Court this week.

I picked up AW 1662 and started fooling around with it.  It is done on 30 count (I think) so it looks huge compared to other stuff I'm working on.  So the spaces look huge.  Then I had an error.  I stitched the first flower of the colorful band.  Then I looked at the photo of the sampler.  Uh-oh.  There's a problem here, the flower in the photo is red and I've just stitched it in yellow.  Come to find out, z is used as the symbol for yellow and Z is used as the symbol for red.  Rats.  So I took out the yellow thread and restitched the flower in red.  That's better.  Then I started playing around with the yellow thread I had taken out.  I put it in the first row.  Then I thought it needed some flowers in the first row too.  Red flowers in smyrna stitch.  Not two but three on each viney thing - an odd number always looks better.  It is fun to add my own thing.  But now I have to finish that first band.

Then I picked up the Just Nan Owl.  It only take a couple of colors of floss.  I really like the colors and design.  I'm missing the silver Krenick #4 braid.  So I stopped at LNS (which is really a local yarn shop) and luckily they had what I was looking for.  So now I want to put it in the owl and see what it looks like.

The streets were nice today and I was so glad to be able to go to exercise class and get my steps in.  We are expecting bad weather again tomorrow - an inch of rain and dropping temperatures.  Oh, joy.

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