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Sunday, February 2, 2014

One More Finish

I finished the other Casket Keepsake today.

It is the pincushion/needle keep.

I really like how the edge turned out.

 The combination of buttonhole stitch, ribbon and buttonhole stitch is great.

I love too that you can't tell that the needle holder is a straw.  Amy Mitten has such nice finishing techniques.

What does she have in store for us next?  I can hardly wait!

I got stuck at the end of our driveway where the snow plows leave a big ridge.  I'm hoping that it will be easy to drive out to Dylan's school tomorrow.  I didn't miss seeing Dylan last week when I was in California as the school were closed for three days.
Have a fun Superbowl Sunday.


  1. Those pieces are way too cute.
    You did a great job on them.
    Congrats on finishing more of this project.

  2. Beautiful finish, Amy ! I've just started lesson 2....