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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Round Three

I got a reply from Jenny Adin-Christie about what I should do with Lawn #2 on Hampton Court.  She was very kind and had many suggestions for me.  She recommended taking out the threads.  So I did.  She also said I should make sure the fabric is drum tight in my hoop.  Since I usually work in hand, I'm not so good at setting up an embroidery hoop.  So I tried to make it as tight as I could.  I should probably wrap the inside hoop too.  Then she explained that my stitches were too many too close together.  I had assumed I should make them close together to cover the fabric.  Not really.  So I started again keeping in mind what she told me.  I wasn't sure I could do it right but now I am much happier with the results.

She also said that those last stitches help reveal the little light green squares.  I can live with the results this time.  What is next?  Two more lawns!  The next two pieces of lawn shouldn't be so hard especially since I have a better technique in mind.

I got my Just Cross Stitch magazine in the mail yesterday.

 I wonder sometimes why I have a subscription since I usually don't like any of the designs and never stitch them.  I was pleasantly surprised at this issue.  I liked several things in there.  The funky pincushion on the front looks interesting.  I haven't stitched one in that style.  There are two large flower charts.

  I like them but don't dare start something big like that.  I like the Elizabeth Talledo hornbook and pin cushion.

  If I had some of the forms, I might make Claire the little Easter basket.

  If I had oodles of time, I might even stitch one of the carrots.

It was -5 this morning but we are expecting a warm up.  I hope it gets up to freezing!

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