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Friday, February 14, 2014

A New Book

It seems like I have been spending money left and right.  But really, I have been spending gift cards that I got for Christmas.  This is my latest gift card purchase:  Stumpwork Flowers.

I just love the pansy on the front.  After taking a few Amy Mitten classes, I think I could actually make this. The book gives the instructions on how to stitch it.

There are several other flowers in the book that I would like to make too.  I don't care for the chili but I like that the stitches are nicely illustrated and look well explained.

There are a couple of buttonhole stitches that I get confused and the clear diagrams and explanations make them easy to tell apart.  Thank you Santa for such a neat book.

I didn't get as much done as I wanted yesterday.  I got most of the satin stitched lawns (3 and 4) on Hampton Court.  After it got dark outside, I just couldn't see the line well enough to finish up.  So I have a few more stitches to go.  I didn't take out the couching on lawn #2 yet.

DH got me flowers for Valentine's Day.  So nice.  I'm making a cherry pie today to celebrate.
Hope you have a happy Valentine's Day too.

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