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Friday, January 31, 2014

More Lessons

I was thrilled last night when we got the last lessons for the Winter Casket Keepsakes.  Now I can finish.  I am working on the bellows one, it holds the thread winder in a little bag.  I laced the tops together and the bottoms together.  I really like how the edges look.

  Using pearl cotton for the backstitching and lacing gives the edge a very nice design.  I didn't think mine would look as nice as Amy Mitten's but I am quite happy with it.
I was reminded how uneven the circles are on the hard disc side.  I am not crazy about the colors in this piece.  I really think it would be prettier in different colors.  These are probably colors similar to the original antique this is based on.

 Next I had to finish the little bag.  It was a bit trickier but turned out okay.

 I just finished sewing it to the top and bottom along the lower edge.

 The hard part comes next, it is the finger weaving of the cording.  I did this technique when I made the Vierlande Thread Winder Holder.  You have to do it in one session.  There is no putting down and coming back later.  And it uses some of that gold thread which is hard to work with.  I'm going to write on my fingers so I can remember which finger is AL, BL, CL etc.  I have Amy Mitten's tool to help make the cording.  Handy.

We are expecting more snow tonight and tomorrow.  This snow stuff is getting old.  I shouldn't complain as DH does the shoveling.  Thank goodness.


  1. You are a fearless stitcher extraordinaire!

  2. What an interesting piece.
    Great job.