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Wednesday, January 8, 2014


This is the third day after Christmas vacation was supposed to be over that the schools have been closed.  I'm sure they will be open tomorrow.  I am feeling like such a slug as I haven't gotten in my steps for three days!  So today I'm determined.  It is still too cold outside to go walking.  So I tried dusting off my step.  It was hiding under my ironing board. I did a few steps last night to see how it felt.  I think I can get my steps in today.  I stepped for an hour.  I still need to get some more steps in but I'm going to take a break from stitching later and do some more.

I got some things done yesterday.  I finished the eight eyelets on the Casket Keepsakes Thread Winder pouch.  I started the nozzle that will house needles.  It has detached buttonhole stitches around it using floss and gold thread.  I've decided that gold thread is a pain.  It is just hard to work with.  Yes, it looks nice and sparkly but it doesn't cooperate very well.  I've got a quarter inch done and I have to do an inch.  That's one of my goals today, finish that off.

I cut out the Sakura bag and am sewing it together.  I'm using the plait stitch.  Actually, I'm using long arm cross but it looks plaity.  I didn't look up the directions to see if I'm doing it right.  But I like how it looks.

Stupid Blogger still won't let me upload photos.  Others are having the same problem.  I hope they fix it soon.
Today is Claire's second birthday.  She is growing up too fast.  What a joy she is!  She loves seaweed.  She was wolfing it down on Sunday.  We got to see her dance.  So cute.  Counting the days until we see her.

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