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Monday, January 6, 2014

Snowed In

We are snowed in again today.  We got 17 inches of snow yesterday according to one TV station.

 We are supposed to get another 3 to 8 inches of lake-effect snow today.  All the schools are closed and our street hasn't been plowed yet.  I'm going to make chili and put it in the crock pot.  It is terribly cold.  The high was 9 degrees when I got up and it has been going down from there.  So I don't get to see Dylan today.  The bathrooms are clean and I can veg the rest of the day.  The Christmas tree got taken down and boxed up but has yet to walk itself down to the crawl space.

I made good progress on the far side of the Casket Keepsakes Thread Winder Holder.  I am sewing on the curled wire around the edge.  Next up are the eyelets on the pouch that holds the thread winder.

Someone asked me a question about the pinball I was stitching a while back.  So I dug around until I found it.  I realized that I have one whole side done except for the background.  I put in some background stitches.  This is a great project for watching TV as you don't have to even think while you're doing it.

I signed up for a class yesterday.  It is in June at Salty Yarns.  I've always wanted to take a Betsy Morgan class.  She is teaching two classes. Maybe that makes it a retreat?  So BFF and I are going!  It will be so fun.  Some other friends we know will be there.  Half the battle in signing up for classes is just knowing about them.  Thanks Paola!!
Blogger won't let me post photos so maybe later.

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