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Sunday, July 14, 2013


I finished the stitching on the Needleworker's Pocketbook.  Yeah!  I even ironed it to see how nice it looks all smooth and tidy.  I've been working on it for about six weeks.  It will be fun to put it together when we get the finishing directions.  Now I'm ready for them.

Never assume.  I bought a kit to make a sweet little flannel blanket at a quilt shop in Minnesota.  I assumed that the pieces were all cut to the right size and I just needed to sew it together.  So I sewed it.  Then I noticed it wasn't going together correctly.  I couldn't fold the corners and have it lay flat.  That's when I realized I shouldn't have assumed.  So I took out all my stitching and laid the pieces on the floor and measured them out and cut them to the right size. (one is 30 inches, the other 40 inches) Then I resewed them together and messed with the corners enough to figure out where to sew to get a mitered corner.  I have to iron it and then sew a decorative stitch on the seam.  And it's done!  The quilt shop referenced "Missouri Quilt Co" as a website for lots of tutorials on quilting.  I managed to find the one I'm doing.  It's called the self-binding receiving blanket.  It is a wonderfully quick way to make a quilt.  I didn't put anything inside this quilt as it will be going to a certain sweet girl in California.

I think I will make my Claire banner with circles.  I hope I left enough space between the letters.  It is going to be very close on a couple of them.

The blueberry cobbler was delicious.  Today I have to pit the tart cherries I bought and them freeze them.  I have to wear an old crappy shirt as those cherries stain like crazy.

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