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Saturday, July 27, 2013


I have been collecting ideas of what to stitch for my casket for over a year now.  I really like the idea of a William Morris casket.  Yesterday I found what I want for the top of my double casket.  It is a kit that I think will be perfect.  It is about 5 inches by 7 inches when all done.  I have to admit to being easily influenced by the stuff I see.  I have a list of blogs that I real almost every day.  Often bloggers just post once a week so I don't look at them very often.  Anyway, one of the blogs I looks every so often is The Unbroken Thread.  The lady has taken classes at the Royal School of Needlework.  She lives in Germany.  She showed some pictures of her visit to the school this summer.  One of the pictures was of a class in stumpwork.  It looked so interesting.  Then the lady gave the name and website of the teacher, Jenny Adin-Christie.  This teacher has kits available.  I couldn't resist a couple small kits for brooches.  So I emailed the teacher and ask how much it was to send the kits half way around the world.  It wasn't so bad so I ordered them.

 I'm stalking the mailman every day waiting for them to arrive even though I know it will probably take a month.
Yesterday on The Unbroken Thread the lady talked about a kit for what Jenny was teaching at the Royal School of Needlework that day she took the picture.  It is called Hampton Court.  I knew when I saw it that it would be perfect for the casket top.  I printed out the photo and put in on my foamcore casket model just to see.  Yep, perfect.  So I ordered another kit.  I think it will be great for DH to give me for Christmas.
So many fun things to stitch!


  1. The castle is fantastic. You are amazing to consider stitching this - I merely gape awestruck at something so difficult.

  2. Wow. You keep me totally intrigued with your stitching.