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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Over Stitching

I buckled down and worked hard yesterday to get the Painted Lady background all over stitched.  I finished finally and started lacing the front and the inside together.

I couldn't just leave the back so I over stitched it too.

Here are the two colorways for the Rhapsody in Blue online class.

I don't think one is better or prettier than the other, just different.

I started some of the over one parts.  The little tab is the cutest part of this project.

Luckily the temperature stayed warm enough so that the driving this morning wasn't icy.  There is just a bit of sloppiness on the road.  The main roads are clear and fine so I made it to exercise with no problem.

Lots of class stitching to do today.  Fun.

1 comment:

  1. This all looks beautiful! I like what you did with the over-stitching. I am looking foward to seeing you in Minnesota in 5 weeks! -BFF