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Friday, February 15, 2013


Well, I have decided. I was waffling between going to Celebration of Needlework in New Hampshire and Dyeing to Stitch's Retreat in Virginia Beach.  If Celebrations had enough classes that I wanted to take, I was going to go there.  The big pull to go to Dyeing to Stitch was that my BFF and other friends are going to be there and they are going on some fun field trips (Williamsburg, Longaberger outlet and DeWitt Museum).  I've been to both retreats before so I know what to expect.  The winner is:  Dyeing to Stitch's Retreat.  It isn't until October and I have a lot going on right now stitchwise.

I got a lot done on the Rose Trellis pin keep.  I knew to quit working on it when I started to get sloppy with those lazy daisy stitches.  The border isn't too bad but it is not perfect.  I think I can finish the pin keep  today.

The inside of the Painted Lady Sewing Case needlebook is done.  One side still looks rather plain but I like what I put on the other side.  On to the last piece.  The page I have yet to do is the inside right page that has two pockets with windows on them for scissors.  More dreaded nun's stitch.  I can almost do it with my eyes closed now.

We are supposed to get lots of snow starting this afternoon.  Somewhere between three and twelve inches of snow.  I might have to just stay home and stitch tomorrow!

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  1. Wish I was going with you all...I've limited my trips to Christmas in Williamsburg, The Attic and hopefully a trip to Elegant Stitch for Betsy Morgan. They are all in Oct, Nov and Dec so I have to save my pennies.

    I'm also thinking about signing up for the Casket 2nd go around.