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Saturday, February 2, 2013


It seems I don't go looking for something new to start - the starts find me!  I got a package in the mail yesterday.  We have a lovely mailman who brings my packages to the door.  I ordered a kit from Thistle Threads.  It is a teaching kit.  What a great opportunity to buy a teaching kit and not have to have all the expense of traveling.  I'm so glad Tricia is moving and clearing our her studio.  The kit I bought is called "Rose Trellis".  It comes with a box.

I really like this box.  It is a nice quality and well done.  I like that it is lined with yellowed newspaper.

 I'm not sure I like the 40 count linen.  Overdyed linen loses its stiffening/starch when it is dyed.  I like a linen with some gumption to it, I don't like limp linen.  So I may switch this out.  I'll try it first just to see if I like it.  This kit has nice silk threads and some very cool buttons to make a waxer out of.

I want to start this but I'm not quite ready as I have the Vintage Strawberry ready to go and I am hot and heavy into Painted Lady.  I also got some spangles and some mica.

The mica is much smaller than I expected but it will be fine for experimenting with.  I think we will be using mica in the Mermaid Treasures class.

The Painted Lady is going well.  I have much of the door area done.  It is keeping my interest.  Would you believe that I am on Page 42 of the directions?

We are getting more snow today.  I am very bad, third day in a row that I haven't gone to exercise.

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