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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Cabin Fever

I've stayed home because of the bad driving conditions since last Wednesday.  I was supposed to see Dylan yesterday but cancelled after DH said the roads were awful.  But today is a different story.  I went to exercise and the roads are finally plowed.  I'll go see Dylan this afternoon.  We are making my hand lotion (Baby Magic, aloe, vaseline, Vitamin E cream) as a gift for his sister's birthday.

Yesterday the new happy chair was delivered!  It is wonderful.  Comfortable with good back support.  The biggest plus is that the arms are low enough not to interfere with stitching.  I don't have to hunch.  Nice.  I am a lucky duck.

I finished the outside of the Painted Lady Sewing Case.  Yeah!  There are some things that I don't like about it but I am very glad to have the outside done.  I plan to try a couple of new things when I do the inside.  I don't like the light greeny color that is the background, it looks dingy to me.  So I'm going to use the light bluey color when I do the inside.  Also, the diagonal stitch distorts.  Why not use a straight satin stitch?  I'm going to try it.  I have the double nun stitch around half of the inside. Nun's stitching is really going faster now and I don't mind it so much (knock on wood).

I found out that the Vintage Strawberry class starts on the 15th.  I guess I have a head start as all the stems are done and I have a start on the leaves that are on top of the berries.

I picked up the scissors case for Cabinet of Curiosities.  Not much left to do on it now.  I hate it though.  I don't like the thread:  it snags on my fingers and slips out of the needle and it is hard to rethread the needle and three strands is a PITA to work with.  I don't like that I am making up the shading as I go along. I'd rather have a set pattern.   My stitching is crap.  Not neat or even.  ARGH.  I'm not sure I'm even going to keep this when I am done.  Just looking at it is a humbling experience.

Thanks to my chair, the sewing room is cleaner than it has been in years.  I still have a pile of stuff to deal with though.


  1. Aha! The long awaited chair has finally arrived!
    Now I can see why you will spend lots of your (stitching) time in it!
    As for the pieces you're currently stitching ... don't be too hard for yourself. Everyone needs to learn before being a pro ;-).
    Have fun!

  2. Love the new chair. Happy days of stitching ahead :-)

  3. Amy, the shading on your scissors case is nice ! The look of the stitching that you don't like is because this kind of stitches should be done with less twisted silks to achieve a flat even look, but you are following the given instructions so is not your fault.
    A tip for working with many strands of silk in the needle: fold the beginning part of your threads to make a sort of loop and insert it in the needle eye, than pass the needle throught that loop and pull, you will achieve a knot at the needle eye so the three strands will stay together and won't slip out the needle.