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Monday, February 11, 2013


I am so happy to show you two finishes that I did yesterday.  First up is the Thimble Nest from the Rose Trellis kit.  I actually messed this up by putting the top edge down but it looks fine and I'm not going to worry about it.

Next up is the goofing-around butterfly.  I took one of the Cabinet of Curiosity designs or was it the Needlework Nibble?  Anyway, I did it my way and tried out some colors and stitches and threads.  Then I tried to finish it according to the directions - sort of.  I just can't use that foam for the inside so I cut up some Warm & Natural batting and basted all the pieces together.  Then I wanted the gathered ribbon look edge.  But I did it in a way that worked for me.  Just gathering ribbon and hand sewing it to the edge didn't work out so well last time.  And just flat ribbon doesn't look as interesting.  So I took a cue from the beads I just made and used a quarter inch strip of paper and a long piece of the backing silk.  I whipped stitched the silk around the paper strip then scrunched it up to look gathered.  I ladder stitched it to the edge.  I like the stability that the paper gave it.

When I was all done, I realized that it would be harder to stick pins in the edge with the paper there.  But this pin cushion is more for decoration than actually using.
Here are my butterflies all together.  The white one is the Needlework Nibble.

I'm going out to see Dylan soon.  We will finally be able to make smoothies and have pizza today.  I have a little valentine heart with candy in it for him.


  1. I love the little thimble nest and I think your solution for the edging of the pincushion is great. I'm wondering what could be used instead - perhaps a dress makers stiffening?

  2. My friend it is amazing how your "flubs" look so good as if the piece was suppose to be finished that way. My flubs look like flubs and I can't seem to make them look good. LOL