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Thursday, February 7, 2013

And Now for Something Completely Different

I have been itching to cross stitch.  The Painted Lady Sewing Case is needlepoint and some of the other stuff I've been working on is embroidery.  So I picked up one of Country Stitches little purse charts.  I was too lazy to go find the overdyed floss so I just grabbed some silks leftover from a three different Drawn Thread projects.  The linen is 40 count and I am getting very used to it now.  I used to think, how can people work on 40 count?  Now it doesn't seem any different than other linen.  I like how it is turning out.  I have another one of the little purses stitched but not finished.

I bought a couple of the little Russell Stover hearts boxes of chocolates.  One is for Dylan, and one for the Country Stitches heart design that just came out.  It has the same lady with scissors on it.

I also picked up the Cabinet of Curiosities butterfly design that I have been playing around with.  I finished off the stitching.  Now it needs to be finished off into a mattress shaped pin keep.  I like how this one turned out as it is more "me".

We are expecting a bit more snow today.  The estimates range from 1 to 4 inches.  So who knows?  The bad part is that it starts with sleet.  Ugh.

I'm going to work a bit on Painted Lady today.  I'll show you my progress tomorrow.

1 comment:

  1. Your buttefly is simply gorgeous!!
    Love all about it and it is very artistic and personal.
    Looking forward to see how the mattress pinkeep look later on.
    Good luck on the Painted lady, you are doing so great on that, and I can see how hard it is to do because of all the stitching involved.
    We too have lots and lots of snow.
    Hugs from
    Anette & Skruttan