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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Bad Girl

I didn't post yesterday because I wrote a letter instead and ran out of words to say.  So I took the day off.  I didn't even go to Pilates.  Bad girl.

I finished the Rose Trellis pin keep.  I know the photo doesn't look a whole lot different from my last photo.  Now I can finish-finish it.

What comes next?  Well, I can do the largest piece, the needlebook, or I can do the scissor fob which is just two initials on top of each other.  I don't like the alphabet included in the kit.  I like the initials that are shown on the picture of the kit.  I could go looking for a fancy alphabet.  I have a nice book of alphabets.  But I don't really like scissors fobs and there isn't any special motif that goes with this kit on the fob so why stitch it?  I think I'll start on the needlebook.  This means stitching all that trellis background (slightly tedious).

It turned out that we didn't get near as much snow as the weathermen were predicting.  That is a good thing. It is very cold today.  2 degrees.
On the Painted Lady Sewing Case I am stitch working on the nun's stitches so there isn't anything to show today.
The season finale of Downton Abbey is tonight.  How can it be over already?  It only started up again in January??  I hope I don't have to wait until next January for the next season.
Stay warm and cozy.

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