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Tuesday, February 12, 2013


I'm back to working on the door of the Painted Lady Sewing Case.  I made a few errors on how tall the columns were beside the doors so I had to go back and frog a bit.  Now they are fixed and I am moving on. I think I am about two-thirds done with this.  The other pages of the needlebook only have words and a simple border so they will go fast.  I'd like to finish the needlebook front today.

I found out that our guild is having Barbara Jackson teach two classes in April.  I was thinking of taking her classes at Celebrations but the guild classes will be sooner, closer and less expensive.  I had such a bad experience last time I took a class that I swore I would never drive over there again.  But now I am tempted.
How can I resist another class for something that I like?  We'll see.

Dylan was delighted to make smoothies yesterday and we both loved the pizza.  He was so sweet, he wanted to share the chocolates I gave him for Valentine's Day with his parents.  What a nice kid.

I bought issue 2 of Sampler and Antique Needlework Quarterly on ebay and got it in the mail yesterday.  I was hoping that the issue contained the chart and directions for the Berlin work shoe pictured on the front.  Alas, no.  Rats.  I will probably put it back on ebay.  The article was about Berlin work and quoted CaroleAnne Wells from Dallas.  I think that is CA Wells.

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