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Friday, February 8, 2013

Inside Front

I am almost done with the inside front of the Painted Lady Sewing Case.

It went fast since there isn't that much stitching.  It is more or less a border for the needlebook that will go in the middle of this page.  I love the needlebook as the front of it is the door pattern.  I am trying a couple of new things with the inside.  First I changed the stitch to a straight stitch and then I changed the color it is done in to the lovely light blue instead of the dingy light green.  Big improvement!    You can see the comparison to the front.

I want to work on the needlebook next.  I probably should just go on to the inside back but that is boring.

I finished the little purse front.  I worked hard and am happy with the result.  Then I realized that I have to stitch it all over again for the back.  I may change a couple of things just to make it interesting.   I think I want to make the scissors a bit darker so they show up more.  But I don't want to do them in "walnut" like the pattern recommends.   Maybe I'll try to change the color of the flowers too.  Purple?

Here are photos of the back yard with all the branches covered in snow.  It really looks gorgeous outside today.  We got at least 4 inches of snow according to DH who shoveled the driveway.  Luckily I was able to get to exercise today which is good since I was feeling guilty about going out to eat last night.


  1. Amy,

    What is the brand name on your new Happy Chair? It looks really comfortable.

    Amy Varnell-Miller

  2. Your backyard looks like fairyland with all that snow. I don't envy DH his job of shovelling it all. Where does he put it?