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Thursday, September 1, 2016

Finding Stuff

I picked up a WIP the other day.  It had been laying around for quite a while.  The date on it is 2015.  The reason I picked it up was my friend Janet.  She inspired me.  She has two sides of her casket done. (  It is all her original design and stitching.  Wonderfully imaginative.  I thought that just a few more stitches and it would be done with my trinket box.  That has not turned out to be the case.

I actually have stitched this almost twice.  The first time I stitched just the left side and got bogged down when it came to a flower made of queen stitches on 40 count linen. Now I have better magnification and light.

 I had the brilliant idea to stitch all four sides of my trinket box on one long piece of linen.  Then I wouldn't have to worry about the edges.  So I started again.  Then I got distracted.  Story of my life.  Of course, when you pick up something left so long ago, you have to find the threads and the chart and all the pieces that you need.  (Some people are really organized and store everything together in a project bag, And then they alphabetize the bags.  Not me, I'm a slob.) I found the threads, no problem.  I couldn't find the chart but knew it was in an old Treasures magazine.  I couldn't find the magazine.  Rats.  But I knew where to get it.  On Kooler Design studio site they sell some of their charts as a PDF download.  So I went there to get the chart.  The chart is much more readable and I could get it instantly.  Cool.
I have been enjoying stitching this and it is going well.  I have to figure out some more motifs to fill in the side.  See the basting stitches?  That's how much more I need to fill up the side.

  I thought of this bird but he is kind of big.
I was also trying out the checkerboard on the bottom.  I think I like it.
I have another Sandy Orton sampler section in mind for the back of the trinket box.
So far, so good.


  1. Perhaps a Useful Pot (as Mary Beale refers to them) or basket on the end? Looks great so far - love the swirly line around the saying.

  2. Glad you found an old WIP to have fun with. :)