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Monday, September 12, 2016

Thirty Two and a Half

I am so almost done with Mistress L.  I started the very last rows.  When I get all the bands completed, she will be thirty two and a half inches long.  Whew!

  I can see the end now.  But several sections need to be completed.  I got the flower row all done.  I added Claire and Evan's initials at either end.

 Then the last row is easy (just sets of leaves) and I can finish that today.  But the blackwork section is taking forever.

I am contemplating how I want to finish-finish the sampler.  I could frame it but I think I would rather hemstitch it.

I spent my walk this morning talking to another walker and it sure made the time go faster.  The bathrooms are clean.  BFF#2 will be back in town today so maybe we can stitch or meet up at Chocolatea.  That is so fun.

I need to finish up the Elsa costume.  Boy, do I hope it fits.


  1. You're almost there & she's beautiful!

  2. Lovely! I'm curious - if you hemstitch it rather than framing, then what?

  3. Ooooo, almost done!
    This is a masterpiece.
    Cute idea with the GK's initials.