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Thursday, September 8, 2016

Another Project

I went off to the fabric store yesterday searching for the ingredients to make an Elsa dress. Yes. it is for Claire.  How could I resist an opportunity to make my only granddaughter a Halloween costume?  I was so lucky, I got the pattern for 1.97 when the price marked on the pattern was 18.95.

 Then the tricky part was finding the right fabrics.  It needed a sparkly bodice fabric and  a coordinating satiny skirt.

 Then there is an overlay of lace. The net fabric with snowflakes on it looked a little cheap so I went for the more expensive.

 I hope the fabrics will be okay.  The next challenge is to make a dress to fit a little girl that lives far away.  DIL got some measurements for me.  I'm going to start it today.  Keep your fingers crossed that everything works out.

1 comment:

  1. That's a great deal.
    Ever wonder why patterna got so expensive?
    They're only made out of tissue!
    The fabrics are all so pretty.
    Claire will love it!
    Have fun sewing it.