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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Finishing Day

I am determined to have two finishes today.  I am going to finish Mistress L and I am going to finish the Elsa Costume.
BFF#2 helped me keep my nose to the grindstone yesterday and fill in that blackwork space.

 There are just a few finishing touches needed and the stitching will be done!  I wanted to add a few flourishes to the top of the arcade.

I wonder when I started this back up.  I'll have to look on this blog to be able to remember.  It seems like forever.  But it was a very big project.  I am very proud of it.  I can't believe I did it on 40 count linen.  Now I'm not afraid of 40 count like I once was.  I also learned that stitching over three is no big deal, I can handle it.  I have made changes to Mistress L so this sampler is truly my own.

Then on Elsa, there are many tiny mistakes.  I hope they aren't noticeable.

I counted seven small things that have to be done today.  Four hems, a repair, a hedebo and a button. Then off it will fly to California.  I haven't sewn any clothing for a while, I'm a little rusty.

I got the Ornament issue of Just Cross Stitch in the mail.

 The ornaments were nicely organized.  I didn't find anything that I wanted to make.  There were a few designers missing.  I didn't see one by Shepherd's Bush.  I'll have to check but I don't think I saw a Jackie one either.  Maybe I'm not into ornaments as much as I once was.  Does that mean I'm getting old?  Or maybe I just have too many other things to do.


  1. Love the birds and bugs at the bottom of your blackwork section - what a great idea!

    Like you, I kept looking for favorite designers as I went through my JCS Ornaments issue and was sad that more of them are missing this year.

  2. Congrats on your BIG finish!
    Mistress looks Mavelous!
    Claire will love the Elsa costume, I'm sure.
    The JCS issue is good, but like Deb said, a lot of the regular designers aren't in it this year.
    I think we all look forward to that.