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Monday, September 26, 2016

Oh Joy!

It was great to Facetime with Claire and Evan yesterday.  Claire tried on the Elsa costume.  It fits!  Hurrah!  I am so happy.

She has a t-shirt under it so it will look differently when she wears it for Halloween.  And she likes it!  In fact she is already thinking of what Gran can make for Halloween next year.

Then we got to see Evan's costume.  He is only 5 months old.  DIL bought this costume for him before he was even born.  It is so cute.  A baby dinosaur cracking out of its egg.  You can't see his face in this photo.
He is such a laid back kind of guy to tolerate being dressed up like this.
The bathrooms are clean.  It is the start of a new week.  The goal this week:  get Evan's stocking done.


  1. Adorable pics of the grandkids and her outfit came put beautiful! Great job on that!

  2. I bet she won't want to take it off. :)
    It looks great.
    What a pretty little girl.
    Evan's costume is cute too.