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Saturday, September 24, 2016


I'm home!  I made it back in one piece.  I saw lots of people I know at the class (at least eight of the twenty six).  I met a few people that read the blog and know me.  That's always fun.  Getting to Buffalo is not too hard.  I had to take two flights.  The total flying time was 62 minutes!  No time for drink or snack service.  Then I rented a car to get me around.  I got a Mitsubishi Lancer.

 It doesn't have a button for raising the seat.  So I was afraid of getting into an accident because I couldn't see out very well.  Sort of like driving a submarine.  Luckily, I'm still alive.  I passed several accidents driving to my hotel and class and traffic was backed up in several places.  I had my trusty Matilda (my GPS) with me but she kept wanting me to take the highway.  I wanted to go the back way.  I only made a few wrong turns.  Let's just say I took the scenic route on more than one occasion.

The guild did not give out any information on places to stay or even where the class was held.  So special thanks to my friend Torrie for helping me out.  Many in class stayed at the Country Inn & Suites which was just a short drive from the church where the class was.  It was a bit lonely as I was by myself.  It is much more fun to go with my BFFs.

The room where class was held had lots of windows so we had good light and a nice breeze.

 Many of us went to lunch at Panera.  Yum.  Because I am basically terrified of driving I got a bagel to eat for dinner so I wouldn't have to go anywhere. Who knew where to go anyway?   The night before I just ate from what I could buy at the hotel, some cheetos and a bottle of Sprite for dinner. So healthy.

I loved the project and enjoyed stitching on it.  There are quite a few pieces to it.  The second day was just until noon.  I decided to go to a candy store not too far from the airport as my flight home wasn't until 5:45 p.m.  Wow.

  Torrie had so kindly brought me some chocolate covered orange peel from this shop so I knew it was great.

 What fun to pick out candy.  I guess this is what my idea of heaven would be like.  The lady working there handed out samples as I came in.  She gave me a piece of orange truffle fudge.  You know I loved that.

The funny part was when I filled up the rental car with gas.  It took 2.86 to fill it up!  So I didn't drive very much.

This was just a quick two day trip essentially.  Now back to my normal life.


  1. What did you make in class?
    I bet the candy store was fun. :)

  2. Glad you had a nice time in Buffalo - Can you show pictures of the project?