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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Good Mail

I swore I wasn't going to do it but I did.  I usually don't like surprise designs.  But I signed up for A Little Help From our Friends Stitching Circle through Silver Needle.  The first kit came yesterday.  The Silver Needle always packages the kits so nicely in beautiful tissue paper.

  There are usually Jelly Bellies in the package (love that!).

 I love a complete kit.  This one is designed by Plum Street Samplers.

I like the design.  It is a fraktur.  They were very generous with the threads.  There were even alternative threads included so you could stitch with which ever colors you like best. This is called a pin cushion but it is a little large for that.  I'm thinking I could make it into a project bag.  I started just a few stitches so I could see if I like the fabric.

 I'm not usually an overdyed linen fan. The linen color is called beige but to me it looks greenish.  I'm still thinking.
I have been looking for a kit that I knew I had.  I finally found it yesterday. Behind some stuff in a cabinet. I'm a little afraid to start it as I just got done with Mistress L.  Right now I just want small projects.  Ones that can be finished in just a couple of days.  I should concentrate on Evan's Christmas stocking and get that all done.  I'm on piece number 73 out of 120.  Over half done!!  Anyway I serged the edges of the linen.  Maybe I'll just put in one band.  We'll see . . .


  1. I'm excited to see it done - I am interested in it as a project bag - great idea!!

  2. Just one band ... LOL, that sounds like "just one more stitch!" You've got me curious.

    The little kit is sweet.

  3. Great stash,can't wait to see it done as a bag.

  4. Lovely new stash! The Silver Needle does up a package right!