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Saturday, September 3, 2016

More Snowman

It doesn't look like I accomplished very much.  I did get that snowman's arm on.  Next is most of his body minus an arm and a head.  But it is progress.

Then I finished up the pansy band on Mistress L.

The next part is vexing.  Partly because the designer says "do what you want".  This mean there is no chart or directions for the personalized area.

The photo of the sampler shows "This is my work begun in September 2011 and completed on March 17th 2012".   But I don't want to put in the dates.  Then there is a section for big initials.  I went through some books and found initials that will do.

  ARGH.  So it will take me some time to figure out what to put there.  Frustrating.  But I'm too close to the end not to finish this sucker.

It is a beautiful day here.  BFF#2 is coming over to stitch.  That will be so fun.  I've got my walking in and I've been to the Farmer's Market.  The bills are paid.  I'm ready to stitch.

1 comment:

  1. The stocking is coming along nicely.
    Mistress is so pretty.
    That looks like a great alphabet & motif book.