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Tuesday, September 13, 2016


Today was the perfect day for walking.  Cool but not cold.  Beautiful blue sky.  You would think it was Santa Barbara (one of my favorite places).

I am almost done with Elsa.  She needs another sleeve and a couple of hems.  Yeah!!

Hopefully she will fit Miss Claire.
Then I can be on to other things.

Santa has a face.  However, if you look closely you will see that he needs an arm.

Mistress L only needs the blackwork finished and a couple of finishing touches.

If I hemstitch the edge that means I can display the sampler in all its natural glory, like a quilt on the wall.  I don't like to put my stitchery under glass anyway because to me the texture of what I made is a big part of the design.  But that's just me.  I understand some people want to protect their work from dust and dirt and other unmentionables.

BFF#2 is coming over to stitch today.  Yeah!  That will be so fun.  I want to hear all about the class she just went to.


  1. Miss Claire is very lucky!

    Your Mistress L is going beautifully. Again, if you'd like to sell the pattern when you're done, please keep me in mind! :0)

  2. Hard to believe how fast you've done Mistress L - you and your atomic powered needles! :) For some reason I'm completely enchanted by that vertical row of blackwork blossoms that grows out of the flower row below.

    Thanks for the explanation on how you'd display if hemstitched rather than framed (I'm too paranoid to do that with large pieces).

  3. We missed you over the weekend. How did you like the photo Kathy sent you?

  4. The stocking is really coming along now.
    Mistress is beautiful.