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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Spring Fling

I signed up for Spring Fling that is a retreat by Stitchville USA in Minneapolis.  It is such fun to go.  It isn't until next April and the designer will be Blackbird Designs.  We don't know what the project will be.  I debated whether to go.  I have been vowing to go to fewer retreats.  But the positives of this retreat won out.  BFF and BFF#2 also signed up.  We will have a lot of fun.  That got me to thinking about last year's retreat.  I had one more little thing to finish.  I made an extra needlebook since I wanted to try a design over one.  I got the front made and decided it was too much trouble to do the back over one, so I did it over two.  Then I needed the matching fabric.  I didn't have a piece big enough.  When we were in Ohio at a quilt store, BFF found the same Downton Abbey fabric and bought some.  She gave me a piece of it so I could finish my needlebook. (Thank you BFF!) So yesterday (many months later) I finished it. Ta-dah!

 I guess the ribbon could have been darker but it works.

Sometimes stitching is problem solving.  I was problem solving on Mistress L yesterday.
I finished up the This is My Work band.  It is a little dark but provides some contrast.  Then I mapped out the size of the space I need to fill.  I decided to use blackwork from a sampler I have.  The sampler is Tudor Rose from (who else?) Amy Mitten.
So far:

I'm sort of flying by the seat of my pants here.  We'll see if I have to add more stuff along the way.
I started the next to the last band.

I'm getting very close to the bottom of the linen.
The sampler is nearly 28 inches long now.  Soon!