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Friday, September 30, 2016


It is Friday and the last day of September.  Boy that month flew by fast.  I am happy that I got a few things done in September.  I'm still figuring out what to work on next.  I have the trinket box sides that I really want to get done.  I am almost done with the front and two sides.  I just have a large queen stitch flower to get done.

Well, I have the bottom border to finish too.
 I really hate queen stitch.  It is hard to pack all those stitches in and have it look nice.  I have tried them several ways.  I also did not read the chart correctly and one of the flowers is missing a color in its petal.  Hey, flowers in nature vary, so there.  I need to look up another one of Sandy Orton's samplers for what I imagine for the back section.  That will be a nice change from the other sides.  Hopefully there will be no more queen stitches.
I started stitching the top row on Sleeping Beauty Awakened.  I made it a different color.  It was supposed to be Forest Glade.
It doesn't look like much - yet.  The linen is almost as long as Mistress L.  Am I ready for another big project?

It is still rainy outside.   I took a chance and went walking outside today.  The weather makes my hair flat as a pancake.  At least I have my steps in.

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  1. These look like some great projects to work on during the rain.
    It rains a lot here too lately.