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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Pat Your Head

I met my goals for yesterday.   The tree is built!

I made the cording that goes on the tree.  So the goal today is to attach the cording with beads and sequins to create a string of lights on the tree.

The goal on Mistress L was to get half the pansy band done.  I did it!

The next part is very challenging as only the first half of the band is charted.  Now I am supposed to turn the chart upside down and switch the colors of floss for the other side.  What?  That is like patting your head with one hand while rubbing your stomach in a circle with the other hand.  If I survive this project . . . .
The mosquitoes are so thick outside.  This is my new best friend:

I have picked up an old WIP to work on, I'll tell you about it tomorrow.


  1. I have been using calamine lotion for my numerous mosquito bites. They are really busy here also and they really like me. My husband doesn't get it as he never gets bitten. I love that tree. It is always fun to make a felt stocking. Mistress L is looking good. I hope you can complete that band without too much trouble.

  2. The tree looks great!
    The Pansy band is so pretty, that's an intense band to work on.