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Friday, August 26, 2016


The other day I was stitching and wanted something to listen to.  There was nothing on the TV and . just John Tesh on the radio.  Then I remembered Spinster Stitcher talking about wasting a lot of time on Flosstube.  So I thought I would check it out.  It is videos on YouTube.  It kept me company for quite a while.  Flosstube is people who post a video blog (vlog) every once in a while.  It was fun to see one lady visit Stitchville. I can relate the her excitement.  Another visited The Silver Needle. (I stopped watching when they were playing Monopoly). Then a lady in another country talked about the stuff she was working on and held them up to the camera so you could see.  I was looking for someone who stitched the kind of stuff I like to work on.  I thought, hey, I could do a video blog but I wouldn't want to be on camera.  So this blog is fine for me.  Who wants to see an old lady with a ponytail?

So I reached my goal yesterday of getting to the end of the flowers on the needleroll.  I promptly put it in it's bag and called it done.

Then I wanted to show you Her Majesty's Nightcap.  I've been putting in stitches here and there.  It sure takes a long time.

I got my sewing machine table cleaned up a bit yesterday so I feel better.

  But I have to tackle some of the stuff on the floor.  Thanks for all the great comments.  It is good to know other people face these same dilemmas.  Still don't know what to do with my ribbons.

How can it be Friday again?  The last Friday in August?  Will time please stop and wait for me?  Some philosopher said time waits for no man.  Or woman.  Rats.

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  1. You can spend a lot of time watching Flosstube.
    It's fun!
    The needleroll will be so pretty.