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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Last Sunday

I can't believe how fast this weekend has gone.  I was not very good about keeping up with my walking in Indy.  I was in my hotel room trying to decide whether to stitch or walk.  I looked at how many steps I had in and was shocked to see it was only 143.  So I thought I would walk around the hotel parking lot.  Well, it was nice outside.  There were a couple of other parking lots adjacent to the hotel so I got in about half my steps before it was time to leave for our last class.  BFF and I stopped at Panera as our hotel breakfast offering (how can they be out of orange juice!?) wasn't very good.  Panera hit the spot and we ate with another lady that was in our class.  In class, Chris brought her Mistress L that she finished in June to show me.  Wow, it was fabulous.  She does perfect stitching.  It was great to see what I have left to do.  I really can finish this sampler this year.  Lauren offered the opportunity to purchase some older teaching designs.  Some of them I haven't seen before.  There were three that I couldn't resist.  We went through all the directions for this project.  Our homework last night was to read through the directions and note questions that we had.  All our questions were answered as we went over them.  There might be a few things that I change.  I'm not a fan of nun stitch and usually do a different edging technique.
We went to lunch at a BBQ place with several others.  It was fun.  Then back to class.  The class ended early.  It was nice to head home earlier than we expected.  Maybe we can get back before it gets dark.
Here are some of the things I bought at the quilt stores we went to. Sue Spargo ribbon on sale:
 A Yoko Saito kit that didn't look too hard:
 Some French trims:
 I love blue and white and French General fabrics:

Back to reality tomorrow.

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