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Monday, August 15, 2016

A New Start

This is the pattern I was looking for a while back.

It was designed by Sharon Cohen and I wanted to stitch it after making the blackwork pin cushion.
I wasn't sure I could do it because it has a lot of detached buttonhole stitch and queen stitches.  But since I found the pattern and had all the threads, why not try?
So far it isn't too bad.  I have had to take some bits out and try again.  Did you ever look at your stitching in the morning and realize that you put the wrong color in the night before?  Yes, that happened to me.  I am also learning to pay attention to all the directions.  Sometimes I try to skip steps.

I am getting the hang of detached buttonhole after doing  quite a bit on Amy Mitten projects.
It is starting to take shape.  It will be a needlebook when I get done.
There is also a pin cushion that matches.

BFF#2 is coming over to stitch today.  It will be fun to gab and stitch.
Having someone come over is motivation to get my work done.  Bathrooms are clean.  Walking is done.  Time for fun.


  1. Your detached buttonhole bits are looking very nice! Such pretty pieces.

    Before enlarging your pictures I wondered how different the detached buttonhole would look from trellis and think I've figured it out - the buttonhole makes a denser, more compact fill.

  2. I have these as well, still to be stitched. Do you have the glove scissors case & tape measure cover as well?

  3. I have sweet bag projects that require detached buttonhole. I need to watch a few videos first. Your stitching is great. As for queen, I just cannot do. Even poorly.