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Monday, August 22, 2016

Stupid Head

I worked really hard trying to get the yellow queen in Mistress L.  When I was putting in the last few stitches, something wasn't looking right.

The collar was off.  So I took one side out and stitched it carefully in again.  Nope, it still looked off.  So after examining it closely, I realized that her stupid head was one thread too far to the left.  *!%@^#.  I was just defeated. Her hair turned out so well and now I have to take it out. I put it down and read a book instead (The Bat by Jo Nesbo).  I couldn't deal with it late at night.

So now I'm ready to take it out and redo it.  I just can't leave it, the queens have to be right.  There is still a lot of stuff I have to put in yet before this section is done.  I took out the stupid green things hanging down from the arch.  I'm going to put a bird in somewhere.
The stupid walking is done.  The stupid bathrooms are clean.  I'm ready to fix her stupid head.


  1. I so understand all the " stupids" in your last sentence!
    But you will be happier when it is done right.

  2. I can tell you are quite miffed. Unstitching is the worst...especially when the end result is so pretty except for the mistake. You will be happier when it is right and not so "stupid"

  3. So very sorry she got her head out of kilter. Ugh! Probably none but the most anal of us would ever notice after all is finished, but *you* would see it every time you looked at the sampler - likely zeroing in on it so it was the only thing you did see. So sorry you need to frog her beautifully-haired (stupid) head, but you'll be happier when it's right.

  4. LOL
    Don't you hate that when that happens?
    You did such a good job on her hair.
    I hope you get her stupid head fixed. :)

  5. Yikes! I think we can all sympathize with you! It's a good decision to redo it, since it would bother you forever if you left it in. Your queens look lovely otherwise.