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Sunday, August 14, 2016


I was going to show a new start today but I got a request from Christine.  She wanted to see pictures of my casket.  I'm a little afraid of disappointing her as my caskets aren't finished or in one case is not even started.  Caskets take a lot of thinking about to even begin.  So I thought I would show my worktable where my caskets are.  Very messy.

Confessions:  I have three different style caskets.  The Double Casket (with the doors off):

The top and one side of the casket have embroidery on them.

The Flat Casket:

The inside of this casket is mostly done.  I copied Rachael on the bottom part with the mirrors and music box.

and the Short Flat Casket:

I'm still thinking about this one and nothing is done on it.  I think this is the casket that Tricia is planning a Stich-Along for.  I'd love that.

I also have a mirror with doors:

I like the design that a member of Cabinet of Curiosities made for the other mirror.  Perhaps it can be adapted for this mirror.

I am in the Stumpwork class and learning about the mirror Tricia designed.

I also need to finish my Trinket Box.  The top is done.

  The front is almost all stitched.  One of these days, I will concentrate on finishing all this stuff.


  1. Thanks for the look at your caskets-in-process - beautiful!

  2. Thanks for sharing, Amy. I am intrigued by casket-making and yours look like they will be quite lovely.

  3. Thanks for sharing, Amy. Could you please tell me where you found the design for the top of the trinket box? Thank you.

  4. Wow ~ Those are coming along beautifully!

  5. Wow ~ Those are coming along beautifully!

  6. Oh, my! Thank you so much for posting those. I am more interested in the process than the finished product, so this is perfect! I'm about 10 months into the Cof C class and way behind. I also feel like I don't even know where to start with a casket. And by that I mean, finding that perfect design. I think the lessons are amazing. Plus, if I don't order one soon they're won't be any more ever! The pressure is on! Your work is fantastic. Are you active on the Ning group? I just saw the stumpwork lion is a new class. I would love to try that.
    Thanks again! I'm amazed at how much you do each day.

  7. These Caskets will all be awesome.
    Have fun picking designs for them.