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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

A Rainy Day

It was raining this morning so I went off to the Y to walk.  I also woke up later than usual.  But now finally I am ready to do something.
BFF#2 came over and stitched yesterday and it was great fun to talk and catch up on things.  I got to try her favorite cake, peanut cake.  It was very good,
How is the Ode pre-stitching going you ask?  Well, I'm tired of circles.  So I decided to try something else.  I found this pattern on the internet.  So I'm filling the needleroll with a colored version.  I like it.

 I had to take out a couple of flowers because the floss was too light a color and didn't show up well.
This doesn't really "match" the other design but I don't care.

Then instead of alphabets on the inside (I already know my alphabet and do not have to stitch it ever again!) I googled Jane Austin quotes.  The one I decided to do was "There is no charm equal to tenderness of heart".  Isn't that sweet?
The website will chart what you type (in your choice of three different fonts) and you can print out a chart.
 I'm not sure how this needleroll goes together as the inside appears to be smaller than the outside.  Maybe the outside is folded in half.  We'll find out in September.

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