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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

A Tree and a Pansy

I hope to get the tree parts together on Evan's Christmas stocking today.  I'm on piece eight.

I worked my way down to a pansy on Mistress L.  I want to have this large band half done by the end of the day.

It was rainy again today so I had to go walking at the Y.  I am lucky that I have a place I can walk when the weather is yucky.  This is the second rainiest August ever.  The mosquitoes are terrible.  Today is DH's birthday.  He is older than I am so he blazes the trail.  I'll have to make him something special to eat.  I'm thinking a peach crisp.


  1. Stocking is coming along nicely! Looks like that might be a Bucilla kit - they are always nice to put together.

    Love the pansy! What stitch are the petals filled with? Looks sort of honeycomb-ish....

  2. Both are looking great.
    Happy B-Day to your hubby.