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Sunday, August 28, 2016

Good Mail

I got packages in the mail yesterday.  Lucky me!  I knew a package was coming from Silver Needle as I got an email that it was on its way.  I was able to look up the tracking number to see that yes, it would arrive yesterday.  I thought it was the first design of their Circle of Friends club.  It wasn't.  It was the Just Nan Frightmare House that I had reserved a while back.  I didn't think that was coming until September.

It had the linen for it included.

 I love when I can get the stuff I need to make something, especially out of the ordinary colors of linen.  There were three Jelly Bellys in the package.  I love that!

I also got the Forget Me Nots in Stitches patterns that I ordered when I was in class in Indy.  Cool.
Unfortunately I can't start any of those things yet.

I don't actually remember what this one looks like but there were a couple of images in the pattern.

I started on the Christmas stocking for Evan.  I'm on piece number four, only 116 more to go.

 Maria gave me some invaluable tips that are making this project easier.  She suggested using low loft batting and cutting it slightly smaller than the piece to be stuffed.  That is working out great.  Also use some double stick tapes pieces like those used for scrapbooking to hold the batting to the felt piece as you are appliqueing it.  That also works well.  Thanks Maria!  I'm building the Christmas tree.
Have a great day!

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