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Friday, August 12, 2016

Hot and Humid

It was 80 degrees when I went walking this morning.  That is the hottest it has been at 7 a.m. all year.  And it was humid too.  I even changed my top when I got back, I was so sweaty.  Hopefully the rain we expect this afternoon will cool things off.

I got the tool holder for the cartonnage tools all done.  I love this fabric!

Maybe I could make a box using this fabric too.

I forgot to show you the Elegant Stitch/Betsy Morgan Breast Cancer piece all done.

I think it looks fine on the white linen.  I must be awfully dense as it took me a while to figure out the folding of the lining.  While I was in Indy I found out Betsy Morgan might be coming to Indy next April to teach the Virgin Queen's Stitching Wallet.  Count me in!


  1. Your Betsy Morgan piece looks fabulous. Hope the humidity lessens for you; it has been a bear this summer. Enjoy your weekend!

  2. That fabric is gorgeous.
    Great finish on the needlebook.
    It looks nice on white.