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Friday, August 19, 2016

Looking for Stuff

Funny serendipitous things can happen when you go looking for something.  Especially when you are looking on the internet.  I decided to make the sweet little ort container yesterday.  I did pretty well until I came to one line in the directions.  It just didn't make sense.  So since no picture came with the kit, I just wanted to check pictures of ort containers before I forged ahead and did it my way.  So I found lots of pictures of ort containers but I couldn't find the particular one I was looking for.  Then I came across a pattern that I had been looking for for quite a while.  A few years ago, I was at Erica's in South Bend and there on the counter was a darling pin cushion made using Paris Flea Market mini charm pack (2 1/2 " squares).  I didn't buy the pattern and they were all out of the Paris Flea Market pack.  I thought of calling them to get the pattern but I didn't even know the name of it.  Then yesterday, I saw it.

That's what I wanted!  I found and bought the Paris Flea Market charm pack a while back.

 I happened to have some of that tape measure ribbon.

 Hey, I could make this now.  So I did.

Then I went back and finished up the sweet little ort container.

I forged ahead and did it in what seemed to be the most logical way.  It needs something like a quarter in the bottom of the pin cushion to make it heavier so it won't fall off my table.  So I have two finishes.

Then this morning I walked in my sewing room and just couldn't stand all the mess.  I have to clean up this place.  I don't know if any stitching will get done today at all.  Well, maybe later.