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Sunday, May 1, 2016


The first of May!  I have a retreat in 10 days.  The walking trail is greening up.  Now if it would just warm up a little bit.  I shouldn't complain as it is soooo much better than winter.

Well, I was tempted.  I saw Cathy B. working on a Betsy Morgan project and that made me jealous.  I want to work on a Betsy Morgan project too.  I have the Pioneer Girl's Book Etui that I got as an "away Swan" guild member.

 It's been tucked away for a few months.  I dug it out and thought I would see about starting it.  So I serged the edges of the linen.  I backstitched the front of the book with pearl cotton and then went looking for a small part to stitch.  I think this is a thread winder.
The front of the book has linen threads replaced with blue ones.  I wanted to see what that looked like.
I also worked on the side of Buzz.  Cute.
I am still experimenting with different threads on the Flemish Ornament.  I have two more kinds of silk to try out.  I didn't get as far as I wanted yesterday.  Story of my life.

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  1. The Betsy Morgan class looks awesome.
    Loving Buzz. :)