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Saturday, May 21, 2016


Back to my real life.  I am now recovered from my adventures in Ohio.  Can you believe I totally forgot what I was working on before I left?  To justify my purchases at Lolly's I sewed up the little footstool pin cushion.  I used some fabric I bought for a different purpose (I was going to make this bag) but have since changed my mind.

 I was looking for something the other day and ran across these Moda Roue Indienne fabrics.  I had just seen BFF#2's footstool and thought what a lovely footstool these fabrics would make.  Then when I found the pin cushion kit, bingo!  These were the fabrics I wanted to use.
I had to trace 15 pattern pieces onto muslin and cut them out.  Then I had to cut matching fabrics for each muslin piece.  I sewed these all together with only a few glitches.  I like how the fabrics look together.

 Isn't it great that Moda has fabric collections that all go toether.  It would be a nightmare trying to put fabrics together otherwise.

I went down to Home Depot and picked out the drawer pulls for the feet.

I think they are a bit big but they will do.  I like the color and style I chose.  I thought about going to Michael's to see if they had anything that would work but that was too much trouble.

Without my glasses I can't read anything.  It is sad but that's what happens when you are older.  So in the bathroom l decided to try out my new toothpaste.

 I couldn't read the directions as I didn't have any glasses on.  See how small that print is?

So I just dipped my toothbrush in a got some on my brush and then brushed my teeth.  Whoo-ee!  That stuff is strong.  I would use about half as much next time.  It takes some getting used to.  It has essential oils of spearmint, peppermint, eucalyptus, clove and wintergreen as well as mustard seed and oregano.  Good heavens!  However it is gluten free and vegan.  My regular toothpaste is the kind with Barbie on the label.