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Tuesday, May 3, 2016


I have excuses for not posting yesterday.  There was a long line at the Arby's drive-through. (What does that have to do with the price of chickens?  Well, actually I just wanted to try their fish sandwich and a jamocha shake but I gave up after seeing the backup.)  I had to go to Walmart.  Enough said.  Everybody and his brother was in line at the Post Office sending stuff to their mothers, including me.
I sent off the birth announcement and the baby quilt too.

Now it is tomorrow and a new day.  On my walk this morning:

I tried two more threads out on the Flemish Ornament.

 It has become clear to me that I will start over on the new Duchess silk satin when it comes in the mail.  There is still a lot of residual glue on the back of the satin I'm working on.  I'm going to back the new satin with muslin and proceed from there. I will also be way more careful in tracing on the lines.   I haven't decided what thread I'm going to use.  I'm leaning toward the Soie de Paris.

Then since Staci is watching me stitch on Buzz, I better show her my progress.

  It is slower stitching on a dark fabric but I think I can be half done with the sides today.  There is a beehive for each side of the cube.  Cute!

One week till the road trip, I'm getting excited.


  1. Thanks Amy---looking good!!!

  2. I'm sure they will love the Sampler & Quilt.
    Buzz is looking great!