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Tuesday, May 24, 2016


I got the prestitching done for my June retreat.  Yeah!  I just have to iron on some interfacing and I'm good to go.

I ordered the new Just Nan charts from Silver Needle and got them in the mail yesterday.

They sent the linen cuts for them also.  That's fine.  But what they didn't send was the bill.  I guess it will be what it will be.  I serged the edges of the linen.

When I find the floss colors, I'll be ready to begin.  (Like I should start something new!)  I have bags of leftover floss from Just Nan projects laying around.  Actually I kitted up two of her mouse patterns before I left for the retreat in Ohio.  I didn't get around to stitching either one.  Since Just Nan tends to use the same floss colors, it shouldn't be hard to locate floss.  I could have a stitch Just Nan week (month!) if I wanted.

I sewed up the Pyns pin cushion.  The consensus was to use the darkest color of overdyed velvet, so I did.

Does this need some twisted cording on the edge?  The edges looked pretty good so I didn't put anything on them.

It is supposed to get hot today, in the eighties.  I wore shorts to walk in this morning.  Maybe it is finally summer.  This is the best time of year.


  1. Your retreat piece looks great and so does the pyn pillow. I'd leave it as it is - no edging needed, IMHO.

  2. The prestitching looks great.
    Great JN stash also.
    I too think Pyns looks fine without any other trim.