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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

A Weekend in the Country

A weekend in the country was the name of the retreat I went to last week.  Three friends and I set out to Wilmot Ohio on Wednesday.  BFF#1 flew in from Minnesota.  BFF#2 drove from Illinios and new friend Anna came from Wisconsin.  First we drove to Shipshewanna, Indiana.  BFF#1 had never been there and always wanted to go.  It is an Amish community so you have to be careful of horses and buggies in that area.

It worked out that we could eat lunch at a bakery there.  I wanted to go where I know they have huge cinnamon rolls.  I have a thing for large luscious warm iced cinnamon rolls.

 We had a good lunch then headed across the parking lot to this place:

It is kind of a mall with several stores inside.  Our favorite store is Lolly's which is a quilt store.  BFF#2 had just made the most darling footstool with strips of fabric.  She took a class and got everything she needed and they even put it together for her.  Well, we found a pincushion at Lolly's that was very similar.  Of course I had to get one.  I almost didn't dare look at the all the fabric.  It is all too tempting.  They have so much fabric it is mind boggling.  I haven't made the quilt I bought the stuff for the last time I was here.  Here is the stuff I bought:

So then we resumed our trek across the top of Indiana.  It is about a five hour trip to Wilmot and we had a deadline, we were supposed to attend dinner at 6:30.  Waze got us there just in time.
We joined the rest of the people at the retreat.  At our place at the table was a little booklet and a sweet bag of gifts with the cherry theme.  We got a chart and a list of everybody at the retreat.

Then we met in the breakfast area for the night time project.

 I love it!  It is just darling.  Whew, what a long day.  We are in beautiful country.  It was a fun first day.

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  1. Looks like a great area.
    Cute project.
    Have fun!