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Saturday, May 28, 2016


I just love how this little band that goes around a tape measure turned out.

I was a bit wary of using double stick tape but it all worked out fine.  I scrounged around and found a nice pearl for the closure.  I did a hedebo with black pearl cotton and wasn't happy with it.  I think the size of the pearl cotton was too large,  it was a 5 or an 8.  So I grabbed some premium Vickie Clayton green varigated floss to try.  Much better.

 There is a pattern for a tag that is attached to the other end of the tape measure that says "for good measure".  I may start that.

Sometimes I worry that I just stitch for blogging.  Do I work on stuff so that I will have something to show you?  I really just want to stitch what is important to me and enjoyable to make.  I want to work on my caskets but I know my progress will be very slow.  After seeing some of Lauren's projects I was reminded how much I want to stitch a couple of her samplers (Mistress L and Sleeping Beauty Awakened).  So I went back to Mistress L and stitched band 9 (out of 53) last night.   I am in a quandary on what to work on.  There is also guilt stitching.  If I spent the money to buy a project, I should stitch it, right?  Whether I like it or not?  Do you know that I have one casket keepsake that is not finished?  Anyway, I think I want to tackle a big project like Mistress L.  Maybe.


  1. I don't believe in spending precious, limited time on stitching anything I don't care for today even if I spent the money on it in the past.

    Our tastes change as time goes by. What I liked 10 years ago, or even 5 years ago, is different from what I like today.

    Also my ability to see some of the larger counts of linen is worse than it used to be. So some large projects that I want to stitch might have to be rethought.

    I watch faithfully even though I don't comment often :)

  2. So cute!
    I LOVE seeing your projects.
    I think you accomplish a lot.
    Buy what you like, stitch whatever you feel like at the moment.
    What you don't care for today, you might like tomorrow!
    The other projects will be there, should you get the urge to stitch them.

  3. Hi Amy,
    I think you bring up lots of good questions. First of all, you must realized that you have spoiled us, your readers, with some new treat everyday!!
    But you are in charge of your blog and I would suggest that you only post when YOU want to. Give yourself time and space to create and work on what you truly want. We will savor the post all the more for the anticipation of it!

  4. Although I love your blog, and look forward to reading it every day, you should not let it influence what you choose to stitch. That should be for you alone to choose and enjoy. I would be very happy to see your progress on large projects even if it were very slow, and even if you decided not to blog every single day if you didn't want to. Just don't stop blogging!

  5. I have that tape measure! finished quite a few years ago now, but I have not stitched the other pieces in the set (yet).
    I love your blog! I am constantly amazed by how much you achieve, but you should always stitch for yourself and not your perceived audience.
    Tastes in stitching change, I am slowly sorting my way through my stash to decide what I really want to stitch and what I really don't want to stitch (and there is the -maybe one day if I have time- category as well). And there is new stuff promised that I want to stitch as well -I am very much looking forward to the new Amy Mitten casket toy!