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Friday, May 27, 2016

Angel Mouse

My little Just Nan Angel Mouse is all finished!

She will join her friends and fellow mice in the Curio #2.

I should have kept going and worked on the Reindeer Mouse.  But I didn't.  I was itching to start this accessories kit I got in Ohio.

I just love all the little pieces.  I started the piece that fits on the end of a tape measure.

It is almost done and then I have to do the back side.  I think I'll go to the fabric store and get a nice new tape measure to put it on.

I got lots of photos of the stocks blooming along my walking route.  They bloom for a relatively short time so I was glad to get pictures of them.  I'll save them for making Son#1's calendar for Christmas.

I can't believe it is Friday again already.


  1. The Mice are all so cute.
    Your next project looks interesting.
    I always wondered what those flowers were called, they grow wild around here too, mostly by roadsides.