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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

A Weekend in the Country 2

We stayed at the Inn at Amish Door.

 We all were just a bit worried since we didn't know how much it would cost to stay here.  But everything worked out fine.  Our rooms were really large.

From the bay window you could see rolling hills and farms and horses.

This is a very rural area.  I knew I could walk in the mornings with no trouble.  The Inn actually had a map of nearby walking trails.

This was the first day of class.  We met in a large room with good light.  I didn't even need the small Ott light I brought.  Then there is that lovely moment when we get our kit:
This is the class room and our teacher, Lauren:
The project is a wallet with pockets with a cherry theme and bargello:
Love it!
We had two hours for lunch and decided to drive to Charm, Ohio to a quilt shop.  We didn't realize it would take so long and that there were two quilt shops right next door to each other.  There was some construction on the way and were worried we wouldn't even have time to eat.  Lucklily, BFF spotted a Burger King along the way back.  We made it back just in time for the afternoon session.
The hotel area consisted of the hotel, a restaurant, a deli/bulk foods/gift shop and a bakery.  We ate dinner at the deli.  I had checked out the bakery on my walk in the morning.  There was a long line of people waiting to get in the restaurant.  I think there was a special program that night and buses of people were having dinner there.
I was exhausted after a long fun day.

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  1. The area looks beautiful.
    Great project!