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Monday, May 30, 2016


I try to finish cleaning the bathrooms by 10:30.  I did that!  So now on to more fun stuff.
I measured how much I have done on Mistress L.  I have doubled what I had done from 1 3/4 inches to nearly 4.  Yeah progress.  I got the first line of the multi-color alphabet done.  I'm not quite to the point of having some momentum but I'm getting there.

I had a mini keurig and it died.  I probably killed it.  I didn't use filtered water.  Now I am reformed.  I bought a new one and I'm going to keep it as long as I can and not use tap water.  I love having a cup of coffee so quickly and easily.  I'm spoiled.

jhm you are no reply but your question is interesting.  It is a dilemma for many stitchers.  What to do with charts you are done with?

 Sometimes I stick them between two cabinets in my sewing room or on the bed in the computer room ready to be put on Ebay (they have been there for at least a year or two).

There is the politically correct answer.  There is the Ebay answer.  There is the friends answer.  I have actually taken a sack full of used charts to a shop for anyone that wants them.  They tend to pile up but are too valuable to throw away.  What do you do with your used charts?


  1. Wow - most of the alphabet's already done ... you have the speediest needles around! (and you're inspiring me to get going on Jane Turner again)

    Used charts? Unless I know someone who wants them, I usually tuck them into a folder, one after the other. Not doing anybody any good there, right? But it has come in handy a few times when I've wanted to stitch an ornament again to give as a gift.

  2. Used charts - I start by seeing if any of my friends want them. If not, I take them to an annual retreat where they can be taken by anyone there. Any that are left are donated to an organization that uses them. It's always a good feeling to get rid of things I no longer need and someone else might use.

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